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TELEVISION forms a major part of most people’s lives, whether you love to catch up on your regular soaps, watch celebrities making fools of themselves, be educated with well researched documentaries, or simply enjoy a few belly laughs with comedy shows.

With this in mind, that screen in the corner or on the wall is worth giving a little extra care too, treating it like a loved one and buying it a gift or two. Easy Android has a number of gifts that your television will love.

Easy Android has just added a new product to its range, with no complicated processes and no fuss, just all your favourite viewing at your finger tips. You can now receive any international television channels you like – all in one place with no fuss, no big dishes and no problems. The new M8 Android box has such features as a quad core CPU, Octa core graphics, 2 GB memory, 8 GB hard drive and is four times faster than most other boxes currently available.


Don’t worry if you are not up to speed on the technical side of things, Anthony will help you through the whole process by setting everything up ready for you to sit, relax, and point a remote control. With 15 years experience in the IT industry, Anthony can make this simple and painless for you. He will even set your favourites up for you if you ask him nicely. Contact Easy Android today and enjoy your favourite programmes and movies in the comfort of your own home.

Not only can Anthony make your viewing pleasure simpler, he can also assist with any IT issues that you may have. He is an IT expert, so can check and maintain your computer and network equipment. He can provide advice and help with your IT equipment and your internet providers. He won’t baffle you with jargon, rather he will help you in a patient and friendly manner.

There is a reason for the first word in the company name, because Easy Android really does make it easy!

Easy Android

Anthony Perry


[email protected]

671 331 541


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