Large drug-haul in Velez Malaga

Policía Nacional

THE NATIONAL Police have confiscated a large amount of drugs and weapons in a raid on a farm in Velez Malaga.

Officers seized 8,900 marijuana plants, an automatic rifle, two handguns and ammunition in a greenhouse on the farm in Velez Malaga.

The anti-drug operation resulted in the arrest of two suspects, a 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman, according to a police statement.


On Tuesday September 23, officers discovered two greenhouses fully-equipped for the cultivation, irrigation and ventilation of the plants. Suspicions were raised due to the strong, distinctive smell emitting from the greenhouses as well as the large amount of noise produced by the ventilation system.

Police also discovered equipment for drying, cutting and grinding marijuana, together with 33 kilos of the drug ready for sale. A quantity of cash was also recovered.

The two suspects have been remanded in custody on charges of crimes against public health, and the possession of illegal firearms.




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