Alicante eviction stopped by people power

Cordon Press
Stop Desahucios Alicante -

THE Citizen’s platform ‘Stop Desahucios’ (Stop evictions) has managed to postpone an eviction in Alicante.

Stop Desahucios, united with residents in Alicante’s Pla neighbourhood at around 9am on Monday morning (September 29) in Calle Maestro Luis Torregrosa to stop the authorities carrying out an eviction order against a local family.

According to sources, M. José, who has two children aged three and six, was due to be evicted from her family home.


Thanks to the combined efforts of her neighbours and Stop Desahucios, the eviction has been postponed until October 20, when it is expected that similar protests will manifest once again in order to stop the order being carried out.

Both Stop Desahucios, and the left-wing political party Podemos (We Can) spread word of the planned protest via the use of the hashtag #Mariajosesomostodos (we are all Maria José) on Twitter.

The move was supported by various neighbourhood associations and the political party Izquierda Unida.


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