A very close look at Benidorm


A DEFINITIVE book on Benidorm, finished in 2003, has finally seen the light of day.

Entitled ‘Diccionari de Benidorm’ it was commissioned by former Mayor Vicente Perez Devesa from Pascual Almiñana, a Spanish literature teacher and expert on Marina Baja place-names.

Almiñana compiled a 600-page book on Benidorm with approximately 1,000 entries by local specialists classifying the town’s medicine, literature, historical figures, music, popular sayings, food, biology and fishing.


“This is a scientific study from the town’s foundation in 1325 until the present day,” Almiñana said.

Computer studies teachers Maria Jose Lozano and Salvador Mora, together with their pupils at the Pere Maria Orts i Bosch Institute, are developing an application for accessing Diccionari de Benidorm online. The project, due to be completed by June 2015, will be updated with new terms.


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