Stars and Stonehenge

Calar Alto Observatory

CALAR ALTO has announced plans for a range of activities at the observatory. 

At a press conference, the president of the Association of Friends of the Observatory of Calar Alto, Antonio Herrera, presented the main activities of the coming season.

The first was to announce an exhibition of images, taken through the observatory’s lenses to display various celestial formations. “We want to show that the constellations have depth, bring together stars from near and far,” explained Javier Barbro, the association’s secretary, who also expressed an interest in taking the collection on a tour.


There is also a series of lectures planned, in Spanish, called The universe from Calar Alto, bringing awareness of the success of the collaboration between the German Max-Planck Institute and the Spanish Institute of Astrophysics of Andalucia.

A tentative plan to construct a replica of Stonehenge, the prehistoric stone circle in Wiltshire, England was also announced. Talks are planned with various authorities with a view to building the replica in the vicinity of Los Filabres. “Today science is so advanced we lose sight that in ancient times things were done differently,” explained Barbero.

Further activities include tours of the observatory to promote space but also to increase the appeal of the observatory and make it a centre of attraction in the province, adding a commercial element to the observatory. Initially a competition will be held in Almeria schools. Barbero concluded: “In the coming days we will meet with the mayors of the three nearest municipalities to present our ideas and garner their support.”


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