Spanish village for sale

Creative Commons by PMRMaeyaert

An entire village in Tarragona is up for sale.

Esblada, a village comprising of 14 properties, two main streets and a couple of squares is up for sale for €280,000.

The village is now owned by the bank, after the community tried and failed to set up a tourism business. Esblada, located by the Ancora mountains was a thriving village in the 1950`s and 1960’s but residents started to leave after a small insecticide factory closed and a charcoal production plant was modernized. Although not yet sold, it is believed that a Chinese investor is looking to purchase it.


There are currently 3000 villages for sale in Spain, some suitable for investment purposes and others just a platform to start new beginnings.

Documentaries about some of these deserted villages have created interest all over the world, even as far away as Australia, but there a few buyers who are prepared to fight building costs whilst banks are reluctance to lend money.

Some reports suggest it may be cheaper to buy a village in Spain than a garage in London.


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