Centro Physis goes to the root of the problem and helps you regain health


CENTRO PHYSIS is a specialist clinic for the treatment and prevention of back pain and related conditions.

With more than 40 years’ experience working alongside traumatologists in Argentina and Madrid, Monica Algañaraz’s clinic in Valle del Este Golf Spa, Vera, is now open to provide help and guidance to patients with various bone-related pain conditions. “I treat a lot of conditions such as disc problems, bad posture, arthrosis, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, knee complaints, patients who have had a hip replacement, patients who have injuries as a result of accidents, etc,” she said.

At Centro Physis they specialise in treating back pain. “When a vertebra is misaligned, the brain underperforms in its very important regenerative function, which can cause a lot of conditions,” said Monica. “We consider that prevention and treatment are equally important in our approach to back problems.”


When asked about her treatment, Monica Algañaraz explained: “My priority is pain and its treatment through painless physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques. I also help by re-educating the patient about their posture. Moreover, when the pain is reduced, I focus on side-effects and general wellbeing. For example, patients who suffer from back problems, after a few sessions may be surprised to find out that they are breathing better! Of course their posture has changed and their back has improved and even strengthened by my Micropostural® exercises after treatment.”

Centro Physis is highly recommended for patients with sports injuries of all sports and levels and including golfers at Valle del Este. However, the injury is not the sole focus of the treatment. “Our posture alignment therapy helps improve and deliver high performance,” added Monica.

Patients who have lost mobility are very welcome. Monica said: “The best satisfaction comes from patients who have reached the end of the road in conventional medicine and are overjoyed to be playing golf again!”

An initial assessment is necessary, including a scan and physical examination.

For an appointment please call 695 355 381 or email [email protected]

Centro Physis Centro Comercial Valle del Este, Local 3 Valle del Este – Vera Autovia A7 Salida 529



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