Sculptra liquid facelift; a new age of anti-aging


A FACELIFT without surgery is now possible thanks to Sculptra, the liquid facelift.

Not only is there no need to go under the knife, this amazing product works with your own skin to produce the results naturally. With just a few simple injections it will help plump gaunt cheeks; erase or reduce lines and wrinkles; smooth skin and improve texture; restore skin’s youthful plumpness and give a younger, lifted look.

All this because your skin boosts its own collagen production after being stimulated by the active ingredient in Sculptra. Nothing artificial remains in your skin.


Sculptra is simply revolutionising the way lines and wrinkles are treated as rather than artificially filling or smoothing lines, Sculptra gets your own skin to ‘repair’ them naturally by growing new collagen over the months following treatment.

Collagen is the main structural component of the skin and it is the loss of collagen as we age that causes lines, wrinkles and a gaunt look. So there is no better way to restore youthful plumpness and elasticity than by getting the skin to replace its own lost collagen. It really is like turning back time and the effects can last for up to three years.

Before bringing Sculptra to her practice, Medcare’s Dr Najma Hussain undertook a lot of research into the product: “I was looking into a number of different treatments, but it was Sculptra that stood out. The results were very impressive.” She added: “It has been used in medical treatments for a long time and is known to be safe. Most of all I liked that the antiaging itself is natural; it is your own collagen filling lines and wrinkles and restoring a youthful look.”

As with all injectable treatments, the results and safety depend on the skill of the practitioner. Dr Hussain is qualified and experienced in all types of anti-aging facial injections and has undergone specialist courses in Sculptra in the UK. She is also registered and qualified to administer these procedures in Spain.

Book a free consultation now to find out how Sculptra can regenerate your looks by calling the team now for an appointment at the Medcare clinics in Benijofar or Alfaz del Pi.

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