Narrow escape for parasailing tourists


A PAIR of tourists holidaying in Ibiza had a lucky escape when a fun parasailing activity went horribly wrong.

The pair, a 21-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman from Germany, were parasailing over the sea at Cala de Bou in San José at around 3.45pm on Tuesday, September 23, when disaster struck.

Bad weather resulted in the crew in the speedboat below deciding to abort the activity, and they proceeded to try to bring them back to ground safely.


However, strong winds battered the couple around in the air before the cable connecting their parachute to the motorboat snapped.

The tourists remained gliding in the air as the motorboat followed them, desperately trying to recover the trailing cable.

As they began to lose height, the pair drifted towards dry land and ended up crash-landing on the terrace of Hotel Milord, hitting the nine-storey hotel’s lighting conductor.

Once hotel staff managed to cut them down to safety, they were taken by ambulance to Can Misses Hospital where both of the couple were treated for head injuries.

The captain of the motorboat ‘Braveheart,’ who took the pair out to sea, said that the strong winds came as a surprise, and had not been forecast, although the island of Ibiza remains on a ‘yellow alert’ weather warning. 


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