Casting starts for Clavius

Flickr by Erinc Salor
Joseph Fiennes

CASTING began in earnest today as people headed to the Moises Ruiz pavilion for their chance to be an extra in the upcoming movie Clavius, starring Joseph Fiennes.

Some of the eager hopefuls had camped out overnight to be one of the first chosen. Casting continues until Sunday from 10am until 2pm and 4pm until 8pm to ensure that the casting directors can get through a good number of movie hopefuls. Many of the people queueing had already been used during the filming of Exodus, the recent Ridley Scott movie shot in the province. The casting directors are especially keen to see men of slight build with beards and ladies with long hair. People with modern haircuts, unusually coloured hair and tattoos are being rejected. The directors want a natural look, in keeping with the time of Jesus.

Filming takes place in October at the Alcazaba in Almeria City and in the natural park surrounding Nijar.



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