Who cares for your young pets when you go away?


By Lamia Walker of HousesitMatch

ARE you worried about what to do with your kitten, puppy or another small pet when you travel away from home? While kennels can be fun, they are not for every pet.

And whether you like kennelling or not it is easy to see the benefits of keeping pets at home with an experienced sitter to maintain routines in familiar surroundings.


Many pet owners share their concerns with me about kennelling young pets.

These usually revolve around – Will the pet manage in a strange environment? Will they eat? Will they cope surrounded by unfamiliar animals? Often they worry about how easy it will be to reestablish a relationship on their return.

One client, Tracy in Almeria Spain, has three Persian kittens, two with a nervous disposition.

She decided to find a housesitter to live-in and maintain their daily routine as she would if she were home.

It took a couple of days for the kittens to emerge from the shadows and learn to trust the newcomer.

But they stayed well during the three weeks she was away, they ate their meals and were comfortable at home.

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