Save local beaches call


TORROX Council has called for a comprehensive plan to stabilise beaches that are constantly affected by storms.

The council is to ask the General Coasts Department of Spain’s Central Government to formulate and execute a plan to protect and improve the beaches that are the lifeblood of the tourism industry.

Playa El Peñoncillo and El Morche were greatly damaged before and during the summer. This drew complaints from beachgoers, but the council decided to wait until after the height of the summer before taking action so as not to damage the image of the municipality as a tourist destination, said Mayor Francisco Muñoz.


“But now it is still months before the next peak season and we think this is the right time to plan the necessary steps and get the government’s wheels turning so we will not have the same problems next year,” said Muñoz.

The mayor also asked the General Coasts Department to provide the council with information regarding the construction of a breakwater on the estuary of Rio Torrox.


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