RDMC’S – manufacturers, suppliers and fitters of glass curtains, windows & doors


RDMC’S is a family run business with more than 189 years of combined experience in the glazing, construction and steel industry.

They are specialist manufacturers of glass curtains, stainless steel and windows and doors.

They only use the highest quality materials, including 316 marine grade stainless steel so as not to cause corrosion problems.


RDMC also has its own glass toughening plant which means that the complete glass curtain system, including the glass, is manufactured under one roof, ensuring quality control from start to finish.

They also manufacture UPVC and aluminium windows and doors, the aluminium windows now come with thermal breaks for extra insulation and the profile is ideally suited for lift and slide mechanisms on larger patio doors.

Te company also manufactures pool surrounds with stainless steel and glass and have completed many urbanisations.

Their expertise means that customers can rest easy and know all the appropriate rules and regulations are followed, including self closing gates for safety.

With their range of skills and know-how the staff can also manufacture roofs including sliding (electric or manual), complete steel structures, acoustic glass for bars, mirrors, table tops, sealed units, splash backs, shop fronts, shelves, walk on glass, stairs, glass balustrades, pool surrounds, in fact they can assist you with all your glass needs.

The Glass Curtain system that RDMC manufactures is a German system – typically of German design, much time and thought has gone into the system, making it one of the best systems available on the market today, if not the best.

It is completely different to other systems that are of a similar cost in that it is top hung which means that the weight of the glass is distributed evenly and not all sitting on the bottom rubbing metal against metal.

This system runs on stainless steel wheels and bronze ball bearings, with each panel of glass having four holes drilled into it so that the profile can be bolted to the glass as well as glued.

It is unique in that respect as all other systems are merely glued to the profile.

Other companies will claim that a bottom hung system is better, however, as glass manufacturers who make their own glass and understand the weight involved per square metre for 10mm glass, we know the best way for a system to function correctly is to hang the glass so as not to impose such weight and strain onto the system below which would cause scraping and juddering over time and regular use.

Also, being top hung you do not need to maintain the system as you would a bottom hung system where you would have to clean the bottom track regularly to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

With the top system this is not necessary as no dirt, leaves or rubbish can get in there to clog up the works.

RDMC’s glass curtains also come with an additional adjustable bar, this means that if there is any movement at all the glass curtains can be adjusted up or down with just an allen key instead of having to take all the panels of glass out and start again.

The system has undergone many tests in Germany including an opening and closing test of more than 10,000 cycles and a wind test of up to 2,000 Pascal’s.

They also recommend anybody looking to install glass curtains or stainless steel, visit the factory as it’s best to see where your products are being manufactured.

With this financial climate many companies on the coast have filed for bankruptcy, unfortunately you will find many of these companies are still trying to trade without premises and licences and merely change their company names.

Do ask questions, a reliable company has nothing to hide.

For any info please email us on [email protected] or check out their website: www.rdmcsglass.com to see installation photos, information about the system and customer references.

Or see their Facebook page for regularly updated installations.

Opening hours Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6pm

952 477 963, 677 712 742

Pol Ind El Cañadon, Nave 16 & 18, Km2, Camino De Coin Mijas Costa, Malaga 29650


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