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Mr Cummings makes the same mistakes as many who do not understand the difference between what the Bible actually says and what religion teaches. I assume he means Judeo-Christian though he does not say.

Even the most cursory of examination of scripture would show that there is no basis at all for the mistreatment of women. The fact that men and women have different make-ups  and fulfil different roles is nothing to do with a lack of emancipation as you claim.

Consider the verses that follow the quotation from (1)Peter chapter 3.  “you husbands continue dwelling with according to knowledge. Assigning them honor as to a weaker vessel the feminine one…….. in order for your prayers not to be hindered.”


Similarly in Ephesians 5 he omits to continue the passage which reads “ Husbands continue loving your wives just as the Christ and gave himself up for it (that is be prepared to die for your wife) hardly dragging them by the hair! He goes on to say that “husbands should love their wives as they do themselves.”   Thus no Christian man would assault his wife either in word or deed.  Children are told to “honor their father and their mother.”

Jesus set the perfect example and wherever you read of his interaction with women it is nothing less than respectful and kind the same qualities afforded to anyone.

Greg Hall 

(Rec: September 24th)



thank you for your support to the campaign and more importantly to the women of the world.

We hope to continue to raise awareness and thank you again for taking the time to write in.


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  1. Greg, I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me what the verses in the Bible really means, that’s a decision for every individual to make. Unless you and Natali Trujillo are in direct contact with God and have his permission to speak on his behalf. If not then I would respectfully suggest you keep your interpretations to yourselves and leave others to make up their own minds. The point I am making, which you are conveniently missing, is that they are there written in black and white, and I believe that this indoctrination of male supremacy and the inferior status of women over the centuries is the result.
    The No Means No campaign is about injustices to women, not a religious debate. If you or Natali want a religious discussion with me, I’m more than willing, but in private or if the EWN make’s it a featured article, all the better.
    Children honoring parents, you fail to say that if they don’t then they should be killed, Matthew 15:4.


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