Mojacar’s lift is criticized


MOJACAR’S Socialist party (PSOE) has denounced the town’s lift that is already experiencing problems after just three months of service.

The lift was installed to ease access and connect locals and tourists in the town.

However, there is now a sign warning people that a maximum of nine people should use the lift instead of the expected 13.


Since the project was announced, the PSOE have continuously objected.

The party publicly argued that access should be provided in the form of ramps and escalators, installation of which would be less aggressive with the terrain and which would transport a much larger capacity.

Manuel Zamora, head of the PSOE in Mojacar said: “Despite the warnings, the mayor insisted on putting in a lift that today does not meet expectations.”

Zamora continued: “It is a contraption that is not only slow, but it is also defective to the point that its ability had to be reduced after the first few months of use.”

He concluded: “As with the Mojacar Pueblo parking, which cost a million and then was found to have leaks, we are seeing a work that has been a waste and that is defective.”


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