Mickey and Minnie Mouse bash tourist


THE CENTRE of Madrid played host to an unusual scene recently when a man was attacked by none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The two Disney characters – or rather two street performers in costume – didn’t take kindly to a passing heckler whilst working in the streets of Madrid, deciding that resorting to violence would be the best option.

The heckles of passerby Vero Arreola proved too much for street performers Fazzio and Ticiana Yanez, who completely lost their tempers with the man.


Fazzio dropped character completely and lost his Mickey-head, launching himself at Arreola and forcing him into a headlock.

Minnie followed suit and began tugging and kicking at the man. The scuffle ended a few seconds later, leaving Arreola with a bloody nose, and witnesses with a video clip which would soon go viral.

One witness said: “It’s certainly not something you see every day.

“He’d been heckling their balloon bending magic act for some time and it seems they’d had enough.”

Bemused police officers confirmed that they had interviewed three people following reports of a public disturbance.

A video recorded of the incident soon went viral: a development which could have far-reaching consequences for the two performers, as local Disney representatives have said that this particular Mickey and Minnie pair are unlicenced performers. 




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