Mallorca sees increase in foreign workers


Mallorca has seen an increase in the number of foreigners employed on the island over the summer.

The month of August came to a close with 88,720 foreign workers within the Spanish social security system, a growth of 1.2 per cent in respect to the same period last year.

Ordered by nationality, the Germans are ahead, with 10,410 citizens registered as employed on the island. Coming in second are 9,311 Italians (including many Argentines who have taken advantage of Italian ancestors to work in the European Union), whilst the Brits take the bronze medal with 7,307 people working in Mallorca.


It will come as no surprise that tourism is the sector in which the majority of foreign workers (almost 50 per cent) find themselves employed, finding ideal posts in the many hotels and restaurants on the island.

As the Spanish economy shows signs of movement, it remains to be seen whether or not more foreign workers will be attracted to the country looking for work over the coming year.



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