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ALITREND VILLAS in Moraira is unlike any other real estate company.

Owned by Diego Perea, originally from Malaga, he has been in the construction and property trade for 36 years, having a degree in building and construction and real estate management after studying in Switzerland.

He set up Alitrend Villas to offer his multi-national clientele a fully exclusive, professional and complete service. Whilst many real estate companies would turn down taking on older properties requiring renovation and improvement work, Alitrend thrives on them. With the company being 50/50 construction and real estate, it is able to sell run down properties, with plans for construction so buyers can see exactly how a property could become their dream home and know that everything can be taken care of.


“With a lot of property over 35-years-old here there is a lot of potential. With our construction background we can give customers quotes and plans before they even buy. We even do construction work for other agents in the area,” explained Alex Childs, sales manager.

Having been with the company just a few months after his predecessor retired, he actually used Alitrend when he bought his property in Spain, so knows first hand the quality and professionalism of the company’s work.

He added: “We like to look outside of the box. Many times the perfect home simply does not exist but with our construction service you really can get your perfect home.”

There are showrooms available for customers to view their work and the company also builds around 10-12 new properties each year.

Alitrend carrys out all the necessary paperwork and covers all legal aspects of buying, selling and renovation. They carry out all property checks and their legal services are all included.

As one of the most recognised and well reputed real estate and construction companies in Moraira, the property specialists are able to help and advise you on any issue and have already helped thousands of customers find their home in the sun, including Chinese customers.

As agents in China, they welcome around three groups coming over each year looking for property.

The office is easy to find just outside of the town on the main road out of Moraira towards Calpe, with private parking available so call in now and speak with the team.


Alitrend Villas is one of the sponsors of this weekend’s Strongman ‘14 event in Moraira  n at L’Ampolla beach.

Alitrend Villas Cami de l’Andrago 1, Local 2-D Moraira

Tel: 966 491 509 Visit www.alitrend.com Email [email protected]


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