Demolition risk for Albox


THE PROSECUTION is seeking the demolition of 98 homes owned by British citizens in the Albox area. 

The properties form part of a criminal case against two developers who allegedly built on undeveloped land without the relevant municipal permit. The prosecution are claiming for the promoters to indemnify and take over the costs of demolition and recompense an amount of €688,666.95.

The 98 properties are located in the hamlet of El Romeral-La Alhambra, built between 2004 and 2006 and, according to the prosecution, “are not are to be licensed due to not meeting current building regulations in the town of Albox.”


The prosecution has named JFAH, project manager for promoter Construcciones Almanzora SL, and construction company Procoal Villas SL, as well as Empire Villas SL. They have also named his brother DLAH, architect and technical director. The prosecution claims that JFAH held contracts of sale for the properties, despite them not being authorised, for British nationals. The prosecution adds that JFAH was aware that the permits were not available.



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