Cameron pledges UK military support


PRIME MINISTER David Cameron will give the go-ahead for British forces to participate in airstrikes against Islamic State within the next few days.

RAF planes will launch strikes against IS bases in Iraq after Cameron, who is attending a General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, said that the UK would not stay out of the fight against IS.

Cameron will call a special meeting of Parliament on Friday in order to get permission for the strikes. Labour’s Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition, has voiced strong support for the Tory leader: but only for airstrikes on Iraqi soil.


Miliband said: “The situation in Syria is somewhat different in the sense obviously it is not a democratic state. It has the Assad regime.

“We supported yesterday’s American action. I think the legitimacy of action being taken in Syria would be better to have a UN Security Council resolution.

 “This campaign against IS will only work not just with the right diplomatic and political, but with the right action on the ground. Air strikes alone will not defeat IS.

“In Iraq you have got the Iraqi army and the Kurds that we are helping. One of the questions we need to establish is how in Syria are we going to defeat IS simply with air strikes.

“I don’t think we can turn away from the threat of Isil. When we see the plight of Alan Henning, I think it is something we should be deeply concerned about. They are a murderous organisation. I’ve been saying consistently we need to build a coalition, not just a military coalition, but a political and diplomatic coalition.”

RAF planes remain alert to action at the UK airbase in Cyprus, waiting for the authorisation to begin the aerial offensive.

Cameron could bring the UK into the military coalition which includes countries such as Jordan; Bahrain; Saudi Arabia; UAE and Qatar against IS any day now.      


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