Beach spending takes a plunge

BEACH INVESTMENT more needs to be spent to ensure the province's coastline is in good condition.

SPENDING on Alicante’s beaches has dropped dramatically.

In 2007, the province was allocated €20.8 million for the maintenance and upkeep of its beaches while last year it was only just over €1 million. This year, up to August, the investment has been €355,000, representing a decline of over 90 per cent in seven years.

In a province which relies so heavily on beach tourism, the figures are a concern as the president of the hospitality association, Hosbec, Toni Mayor, said: “It is a sector that stimulates much of the economy in the province and one great source of income for Alicante.” He also called for more transparency to “know where those investments are spent.”


Benidorm, Santa Pola and the port of Torrevieja are some of the areas reported to be lacking in investment.


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