Advice for Mexican Indians


MEXICAN Indians opposed to a wind-farm in Tehuantapec have approached an Alcoy association for advice.

Spanish multinationals Endesa, Gas Natural and Gamesa plan to install 28 wind farms with 6,000 turbines across internationally protected communal land, they claimed.

The Spanish companies also plan to locate 254 of their wind turbines in a lagoon and wetlands the community regard as sacred.


Alcoy’s Coordinadora d’Estudis Eolics is currently organising opposition to Generalitat plans for wind farms in the Almudaina and Alfaro sierras and are petitioning to halt the project.

Having learnt of the Coordinadora’s own struggle, the Mexicans have asked the group to publicise its cause throughout Europe.

They are being intimidated, complained the Indians, who accused the Mexican government of being hand-in-glove with the three energy giants.

“They have been allowed to cheat the farmers with contracts that they can neither read nor understand as most are illiterate,” the Alcoy association claimed.


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