Robin Williams’ call to Billy Connolly


ROBIN WILLIAMS phoned close friend Billy Connolly to say goodbye in the days leading up to his suicide, the Scottish comedian has revealed.

Opening up about the death of the American star, Connolly has said that his friend’s suicide has still not ‘sunk in,’ according to Sky News.

Connolly, who himself has been diagnosed as suffering from Parkinson’s disease, said that Williams was grateful for the advice and support he gave him on how to cope with the debilitating disease.


Connolly said: “He was diagnosed after me and he was on the phone a lot asking me about it. But phoning me for advice is an absolute waste of ******* time because I don’t have it.

“He phoned me a week later, just days before it happened, and he said, ‘It’s brilliant, it’s working.’

“During the call he kept telling me he loved me. I said, ‘I know.’ But he kept repeating it, saying, ‘Do you really know I love you?’ I was thinking, what the **** is he on about?

“After his death I thought, ‘Oh my God, he was saying goodbye.’”

Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, told the world about his Parkinson’s diagnosis in the days following his death.

Connolly also has the disease, which was diagnosed at the same time as he was found to be suffering from prostate cancer, which he is now clear of. 


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