New plans for Mojacar


MOJACAR council has given initial approval for some changes in the town.

The project began in November 2013 when 74 proposals were originally put forward for consideration. Since that time, some of the proposals have been amended, some approved and some declined.

The accepted proposals include the following: To create a central area linking the historic areas of the town with the rest of the municipality. Improving existing roads. Establishing new connections between areas to reduce pressure on the coastal road. Opening and improving urban areas, making them greener. New facilities such as a general health centre, bus station, police office and green points. Preserving the natural values of the town and incorporating it into its surroundings. Improvements to the promenade are planned, as well as creating a marina. On a residential note, a number of new homes are planned.


Mojacar’s focus is on improving the aesthetic appeal of the town whilst also being sympathetic to the natural landscape and raising awareness of the historic areas.



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