New law for Pregnancies


THE Balearic Parliament has adopted in the plenary session a new law that regulates the creation of a network of support for pregnant women.

The law brought about a heated debate with some criticising it for paying more attention to the defence of the right to abortion than the protection of women.

The deputy PP leader Maria Jose Bauza, stressed the need to provide pregnant women with information about all the resources they have at their disposal to bring to fruition a healthy pregnancy.


However, the deputy PSIB, Conxa Obrador, said the law “does not provide anything that is not already covered” and criticised the lack of resources to support women, compounded by cuts by the PP.


  1. Hopefully someday we can see some level of support for pregnant women. Paid maternity leave is 4 months; forcing working mothers to leave their babies so early.

    No support for breastfeeding. If i as a mother have to go back to work when my baby is 4 months old. how can i breast feed them successfully.

    No pregnancy clubs or midwives visit at your home.

    Having left UK for Mallorca. I see a remarkable difference in the level of support offered to women pregnant or not in Mallorca than most places in EU or the rest of the civilized world.

    What can a family do, if the mother is the main worker in the home and she gets pregnant


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