Mobile app for Fuengirola


FUENGIROLA Town Hall has released an app called Juntos Fuengirola Avanza (Together Fuengirola goes forward) which allows residents to report news and incidents via their mobiles.

Mayor Esperanza Oña said: “Thanks to this new application, it will no longer be necessary to carry a laptop with you or be sitting in front of a computer screen to let people know of an event.

“With this time and money-saving tool in place, citizens will be able to broadcast news of an incident direct from their phone.” Using the app, residents in Fuengirola will be able to get in touch with the council about any number of concerns or problems, to ask for public repairs to be carried out or to raise specific issues with the council directly.


A confirmation email will then be sent to the user, and specific user profiles will be in place to avoid abuse of the application.


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