First day


CHILDREN have been returning to school all over Mallorca, with children excited to see friends again or to start a new chapter in their young lives.

In Lloseta more than 500 youngsters have returned to school. One primary school student said: “What I am most excited about is seeing my friends and I know what teacher I have this year.

But I am sad the holidays are over.” Teachers at Puig school in Lloseta were enthusiastic about the return describing the school year as starting “with more enthusiasm than ever.” Many parents accompany their children to school on their first day back or for some on their first day ever at school.


“I went to this school and I wanted my son to come here,” said one mother.

Overseeing the children, and reining in some of the expected overexcitement, Antonio Muñoz Llobera, Puig’s headmistress, said children adapt very quickly.


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