Father asks to reopen the case


FATHER of missing man, Joaquin Fernandez Garcia, has asked police to reopen an investigation into the 2008 disappearance of his son, known as Junior, in Carboneras.

Joaquin disappeared on September 11 2008, aged 23, after allegedly stealing a boat from the harbour with his friend Juan David.

However, Joaquin’s father has suggested a number of discrepancies in the story from David.


Juan David was rescued by a fishing boat 12 miles from the Carboneras coast and he claimed to have spent eight hours in the water despite Marine Rescue saying survival was four hours and showing no signs of hypothermia.

Originally he said he lost sight of Joaquin, later changing his story to Joaquin dying in his arms, finally altering his story to Joaquin sinking suddenly.

Emergency services began to search, but the friend’s story kept changing.

Originally he claimed the boat was an inflatable that had sunk.

Then he changed it to the vessel being a semirigid craft that had run out of fuel.

The next day, the boat was found.

It was a fully equipped cabin boat, with no fuel, but far from the rescue site.

Joaquin’s father said: “I do not seek revenge.

The family was destroyed six years ago losing our son.

I just want justice and truth.”


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