Spanish tourism hits the high note


SPANISH tourism has increased this year, with Spain welcoming over 9 million international tourists in August, and setting a new record in July, with 36.3 million foreign travellers. Spending also increased within the Spanish tourism industry by 7 per cent in July compared to last year’s statistics.  Figures rose in the first six months by 7.8 per cent, with spending increasing to €26.34 billion. Spain also saw a record number of tourists in this period, rising to 7.3 per cent, compared to 2013.

The islands also saw an increase in visitors compared to last year, with significant surges in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canaries. The total number of tourists in the whole of Spain rose to 45,384,483, rising by 7.3 per cent.

Britain’s holidaymakers still remain top of the list, with 2,136,879 coming to Spain each year, Most of whom choose the Balearics as their favoured destination, followed by Andalucía, Canary Islands and Catalonia.


French came up second in the reports, with a reported 1,981,643 visiting Spain, Catalonia being their favourite choice.

Germany were third, with a significant 1,290,777 vacationers, picking the Balearics and Canaries as their chosen destinations.

Italians were fourth on the ladder to visit Spain, 652,242 tourists went to Catalonia and the Balearics.

Spain, however, saw a drop in Russian tourism by 8.6 per cent, with only 260,124 people holidaying in the country, possibly due to the country’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. 



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