New €10 note debuts

Cordon Press
Newly introduced 10 Euro banknotes are pictured under ultraviolet light.

The new €10 note is set to be launched throughout all 18 countries of the Eurozone from this Tuesday. More durable, with enhanced security features and with slight changes in design, the new note is the second such note in the Europa series of banknotes to be rolled out across the EU. The first series €5 note was replaced by the newer Europa series note in May of last year, and the plan is to gradually introduce the larger denomination notes of the series over several years in ascending order.

While similar in design to the first series €10, the new note retains the purplish hue of the first but features a number of small changes including a watermark of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. Just like the newer €5 note, the €10 note will be more durable and less likely to tear. The European Central Bank says that the new series of notes are cheaper to produce and will have less of an impact on the environment.


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