Marihuana plants seized

Guardia Civil

MORE than 250 marihuana plants have been seized during an investigation by officers from the Guardia Civil in Benahadux on Sunday. 

Officers arrested FGS aged 26, a resident of Benahadux, and seized 254 marihuana plants. The investigation began when officers were alerted to a strong odour in one of Benahadux’s streets. Officers visited the property but found nothing at first glance and the occupant told them to ignore the smell. However, the odour was extremely strong on the lower floor of the building and the officers spotted loose floor boards and Styrofoam panelling.

Once the slats were removed the officers found two basement rooms containing the plants and an array of lighting equipment as well as a water pump, extractor fan and additional equipment for the cultivation of marihuana.


The details of the crime and the 26-year-old man have been handed to the magistrates’ court in Almeria.



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