NO MEANS NO CAMPAIGN – Supported by Natali Trujillo


In response to David Cummings’ email:

I don’t believe you can put the world’s problems of not honouring and respecting women down to the Bible’s teachings and doctrines.

Picking out Bible scriptures and using them out of context, without understanding the culture the people were living in, doesn’t give you a full meaning of what they are trying to say.


Nowhere in the verses you pointed out did it mention anything about allowing men to badly treat women, rather, it talks about structure and respect.

If men, in the past, or even at present, have taken scripture out of context and made them to please their own desires, it cannot be blamed on the Bible or Christianity, but it can only be put down to men’s machoness. 

In the times of Jesus, there was a social difference between men and women. Women where even looked down on yes. But is this down to the Bible (believing that it is the Word of God and not of man) or down to man changing teachings for their own purposes? Check Galatians 3:28

Along came a man, for many, not just any man but the One the Bible calls the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He was a revolutionary; He did things differently and out of the box. In a society where it was seen wrong to do certain things, Jesus, being a rabbi, spoke to prostitutes, spoke with women that weren’t Jews, He ate with women and had same level conversations with both men and women. Jesus broke with the structures that men had established, and through this He was looked down on by the Pharisees, the religious leaders of the time.

Can you really say that God does not love women? Jesus Christ, Son of God, God Himself, brought back equality between men and women. He died on the cross both for men and women for their redemption of sin (as the Bible teaches). I have not yet come to know any greater love than this.

Natali Trujillo (Location not known)

Rec: September 19th 2014


Hi Natali,

thank you for your support to the campaign and more importantly to the women of the world.

We hope to continue to raise awareness and thank you for taking the time to write in.

Kind regards,

The Euro Weekly Team


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