NO MEANS NO CAMPAIGN – Supported by Lesley, Costa del Sol, Spain


As a daughter, mother and grandmother I felt impelled to write to show my support to your campaign.

The years have shown good changes in the UK to improve equality for women, the law changed in 1956, and again in 2003 to bring more accountability to men for assaulting women, inside and outside of wedlock. Laws have been introduced to the men and women responsible for keeping women in the sex trade, forcing them to have sex, living off the money the women earn. Groups have been formed to help those women when they are strong enough or able to speak out and the police have introduced specific policing units to help women of domestic and sexual crimes.

Equal opportunities and fairness within the workplace have been improved substantially in the UK, yet when I read your article of the comments made by the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and a Mayor in Northern Spain I was saddened to read that some countries are still behind the times for improving life for women and still have an old mindset, old laws in need of review. I choose to live in Spain and hope that eventually the day will come when we as women are treated fairly to men and that we all one day will have an equal and level equality not only in Spain but everywhere in the world.



Lesley, Costa del Sol, Spain

Rec: September 16 2014


Hi Lesley,

thank you for your support to the campaign and more importantly to the women of the world.

We hope to continue to raise awareness and thank you for taking the time to write in.


Euro Weekly News Team



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