Muslims appeal for release of British hostage Alan Henning

Cordon Press

AMID THE RELEASE of Turkish hostages this morning, a group of Muslim scholars have made a plea to (IS) Islamic State aggressors to release the 47 yr old aid worker, Alan Henning.

A video message posted online, told the militants that his killing is against Islamic law and Shaykh Haitham al Haddad, a judge in the Sharia council in London said, “This is to confirm that executing this man is totally haram (sinful), is impermissible, prohibited according to Sharia for a number of reasons.”

He went on to say, “No matter what our differences, no matter how differently we see the world, what there is no doubt about is that the killing of an innocent man is not permitted in the religion of Allah.”


Mr. Henning, a taxi driver from Salford, Manchester was helping deliver aid to Syria when he was captured. IS militants threatened he would be the next hostage killed at the end of the beheading of David Haines video.

100 Muslim leaders have also signed a plea to IS (Islamic State) for his release.


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