Catalan officials applying for nonbinding referendum


CATALONIA HAS approved a law to allow for a nonbinding referendum on independence.

The news came one day after Scotland lost the yes vote to gain independence from England.

The wealthy industrial part of Spain voted on Friday September 19th with a 106-28 gain for the political move. Catalan separatists complain that the affluent region is drained of tax revenue by the central government in Madrid, but Spanish government officials maintain that Catalonia receives economic benefits from being part of Spain.


The referendum although nonbinding, is allegedly going to be blocked by the central government, claiming any political move is unauthorized.  The Constitutional Court will be expected to issue an injunction on the legislation, after Catalonia’s regional president, formally asks the governments permission to grant the referendum.

Many speakers voiced their opinion during the Catalan parliament’s debate, one of the pro-referendum congresswomen, Dolors Camats said: “Democracy without liberty is a sham and we want a vote—not a sham”. Albert Rivera, leader of the Citizens’ Party and an opponent of the referendum, who believes those advocating it were being irresponsible, stated: “This isn’t a day of celebration, but of worry because these separatist movements have a sword over Europe’s head”.

EU officials, and Mr. Rajoy, warned both the Scots and the Catalans that any new carved states of existing EU members would need to reapply for membership, and admittance would not be easy.


  1. Spain has a Democratic Constitution in which they will protect and uphold its institutions; however, the catalan separatist LIE to the people of catalonia about freedom, democracy and the right to decide which do not exist. The right to decide is only revolution, rebellion and plain old SEDITION!!! The Catalan separatist will get what they deserve…….DEMOCRATIC JUSTICE from Spain.


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