Rajoy congratulates Scotland

Cordon Press

THE government president Mariano Rajoy has openly expressed his happiness that Scotland did not win the referendum, in a cabinet meeting today. 

The president did not hide his opinion in his speech to the cabinet, saying, ”I am happy that Scotland will remain with us in the European Union, we all need each other.” Adding, “Scotland will continue to contribute to the consistency of the United Kingdom, as Citizens of Europe, let us congratulate them on staying with our large political union.”

Paralleling the situation in Catalunia, Rajoy commented, “They have chosen between segregation and integration, between isolation and inclusion, stability and the uncertain,  security and a certain risk. They have chosen the option most favourable for everyone, for them, for the rest of Britain and for the whole of Europe.”


The president insisted that the Scots had avoided “big consequences economically, socially, institutionally and politically,” ending his speech with “Good news for everyone.”


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