Madrid police doing their utmost to catch Ciudad Lineal paedophile

Cordon Press
Cristina Cifuentes

MADRID police are doing their utmost to detain the Ciudad Lineal paedophile.

The Government Delegate in Madrid Cristina Cifuentes said police are doing everything in their power to bring the Ciudad Lineal paedophile to justice and pledged her unconditional support to law enforcement. It would be unfair to question the efficiency of the police, she said.

“If anyone doubts the police they should come out and say it,” remarked Cifuentes during the presentation of the results of Madrid’s summer security campaign. Her statement comes after a spokesman for the Government of the Community of Madrid said the solution to the paedophile’s threat is not to ask parents to never leave their children out of their sight or to never let go of their hand.


Cifuentes said she supports the measures taken, which include beefing up police surveillance in Ciudad Lineal and convening meetings with parents and local residents. People are seeing the results of the measures, which have kept the sexual predator from striking again, and a natural level of concern cannot turn into psychosis, she commented.

Nevertheless, Cifuentes asked anyone who may have useful information regarding the case to call 091 and talk to the police.

Madrid is a safe city, the second safest city in Europe after Vienna and its homicide rate is lower than that of Paris, London, Rome or Berlin. Furthermore, crime in Madrid dropped by 5 per cent in late August, she added.


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