Illegal touting clampdown

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THE town hall in Benidorm have brought about new restrictions on unlicensed touting on the streets.

The new regulation prohibits the advertising and circulation of free tours which end in pressure selling at the end of the presentation.

Pressure had been put on the town hall by legal tourism companies and tour groups to act against both the operators and the guides. Although there are many legal free tours available in Benidorm, all the tours are booked through an agent or tour operator and never sold directly on the streets.


A fine of €750 will be handed out to anyone distributing leaflets in public areas of the city and the operating company behind the illegal touting will receive a higher fine of €1,500.

The town councillor for Security José Marcet said that the town hall will class any company found operating illegally as committing a “serious” offence,  and as well as the hefty fine, all their company and personal details will be sent to the Tax and Social Security offices for full investigation.


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