Less is more when it’s property

SELLING HOUSES: Not an easy thing to do.

IF you’re a master at baking home-made muffins or a dab hand at brewing a delicious pot of coffee then these minor skills may come in useful if you’re ever confronted with the major task of selling your house.

Getting rid of a house or apartment these days is not an easy thing to do. Banks aren’t as quick to hand out loans and saving up the deposit to go along side a mortgage is a difficult thing to do.

Even if you have what you imagine to be a lovely home in a great location, getting someone else to buy the place can take many months to years – to never.


According to property experts, however, there are some small, cheap tricks you can implement to help sell and maximise the price of a property. The fresh smell of coffee or home-made cakes instantly adds a warmth and homely feel to any property, but the most important thing is to declutter the house.

Space is a top priority for buyers and even in the smallest property a greater illusion of space can be created by simply removing bulky items – clear the kitchen counters of small appliances such as kettles and toasters and box up shelves filled with books, DVDs or ornaments.

The experts even advise that taking down a door off the living room can help give the impression of open plan living, which is in demand nowadays. Make the space as minimalist as possible and according to property experts your home will sell for more.

The first point of contact for buyers to a property is online so it’s vital that the photographs are of good quality and attractive. At least 20 photographs will initiate interest, whereas if a buyer is confronted with a few poor quality photos they will just skip over the property.

Other tips include putting up strategically placed mirrors to increase the impression of space, buying fresh flowers and putting them on display, parking a nice new car in the driveway and taking down family photos so that the house appears less as someone else’s property. All cheap tricks, but ones that could add thousands to the value of your home.


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