A holiday for Boy Boy and Sheba


OVER the past few months I have been interviewing Lamia from HousesitMatch on my radio show at Talk Radio Europe (every Saturday at 10am). There is no doubt the system works. If you want to be a pet-sitter or want a pet-sitter, contact Lamia.

Unfortunately, I am personally unable to use their services because I have two Rottweilers and according to the law of Spain my dogs are potentially dangerous and have to be registered with the authorities.

As the owner I am compelled to have a licence and was required to take a medical examination to see if I was physically and mentally fit and that I did not have a criminal record. My licence clearly states they have to be muzzled in all public places and that I am the only person that is able to walk my dogs and only one dog at a time. Each dog has a public insurance for half-a-million euros.


In the next few weeks I am taking a break and whilst I am away Boy Boy and Sheba will be having their holiday at Stefanie’s Kennels Estepona (http://stefanieskennels.com/) where they will be safe, well cared for and if there is a health problem they have immediate assistance from a vet on the premises. I am also within the law.

For those that do not come under The Dangerous Dog Act, there is an good choice of kennels and pet- sitters.

In a few days’ time I will send my dogs for a full medical examination to ensure their teeth and gums are in order and in general they are in good health. My dogs will also be vaccinated for Kennel Cough which seems to be going around again. I do strongly recommend all dogs and cats are vaccinated each year against this. Remember it takes seven days to work after treatment.

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