Orihuela preparing


DESPITE summer still going strong, Orihuela is already preparing for the inevitable rains.

With concerns that a sudden drop in temperatures after severe drought could result in a cold spell, the town hall is organising emergency services to be prepared for such an event.

A meeting of the Centre for Municipal Co-ordination has been held to define the role of the different agencies involved if severe storms were to occur. The meeting included representatives from the Red Cross, Provincial Consortium of Firefighters, Local Police and Directors of Torrevieja and Orihuela hospitals, as well as municipal engineers and technicians.


An emergency drill is scheduled for next Thursday 25.

Torrevieja is also planning for future rains. Agamed has begun work on a channel to prevent the floods which occur with heavy rains along the CV-905. A pathway is being cleared parallel to the road to channel away the water flow. Work on the 34,866-square-metre area is expected to be completed within two weeks.


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