Language school struggles with places

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THE official language school in Marbella has launched an advanced English level course, but is struggling to fulfil its obligations.

The language school cannot introduce Russian as requested and must wait for new installations in order to expand the available places.

Marbella not only has a very big deficit of school infrastructures that affects courses on different school levels, but the official language school is still waiting to be helped by the city administration.


The obsolete building located in front of the municipal stadium, will begin a new academic year with the same lack of installations and cannot cope with the oversubscribed demand.  The current capacity at the Centre for teaching C1 LEVEL English is 25 places and there are 90 students applying.  Last July they were a total of 300 applicants turned down for the English courses taught.

Likewise, in spite of demand from residents, the Centre will not be able to teach the Russian language as hoped. The response by the Junta de Andalucía (regional government) was against the proposal made by the director Fernanda Gonzalez, which initially involved crash courses that were necessary for employment in the hotel sector. At the moment only the language school in Malaga offers Russian language courses.

The only increase in course availability this year are part-time home learning courses in French and English. The number of places has increased by 120 places in English and 60 in French.

The language school in Marbella has 1,600 students inscribed so far.


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