Marbella plans to eliminate small renovation building permits


THE town hall in Marbella is hoping to change legislation on small renovation licences, allowing residents in Marbella to make small property repairs, up to €6,000 without the need of applying for a licence from the town hall. 

Until now, renovation projects, however small, must be presented to the town hall for approval and a fixed five per cent tax is charged on the cost of a building quote.

The local government who proposed the measure in a meeting this morning, claim the move will encourage residents to do more repairs and will therefore help generate more employment, especially for small local businesses.


According to government figures, eliminating the licence process and the equivalent five per cent tax on small building works will lose the town hall €200,000 per year, however it will give the planning staff at the town hall more time to concentrate on issuing licences for much bigger, more substantial projects.

This will also apply to commercial property in the area, although any commercial business, must be in possession of an opening licence before renovation can go ahead.


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