Latvian girl still missing after ten days

Facebook - Find Agnese Klavina

THE police are stepping up their investigation into the disappearance of Agnese Klavina, the 30-year-old Latvian girl, who has been missing since the early hours of Saturday September 6.

The last sighting of Agnese was talking to a woman outside a popular nightclub in Puerto Banus, at approximately 6am, after spending the evening inside the club with friends.

A photograph taken that night inside the club, shows Agnese, wearing a long maxi dress in pink, turquoise and white Aztec design and sitting at a table with five presumed acquaintances. She was carrying a large white Luis Vuitton bag. Agnese is around 1.70cm tall, with green eyes and medium length blonde hair.


Her mother and sister have flown down from Latvia to help with the investigation.  Her mother said it was very unusual for her to vanish without telling anyone. The Spanish police have ruled out the prospect that she disappeared voluntarily, after finding all her credit cards and important documentation left in the house.

If anyone has any information or remembers anything that could help with the police investigation, please call Local Police on 092.


  1. Somebody somewhere must know where this young girl was last seen and who with.
    It’s the Costa del Sol for Gods sake if someone passes wind too loudly in Malaga they know about it in Sotogrande.
    Come on people lets getting looking – we don’t want another Amy on our hands.

  2. Why is this so “secret”? I havent seen any publicity on national TV or really anywhere apart from a couple of local news papers and thats it!! Personally this requires much more publicity and help from all over in order to find this beautiful young lady!
    She May not be in Marbella…she could be anywhere and someone might have seen her and she obviously needs all the help she can.

  3. I agree with Sara – there seems to be a lack of publicity for this girl. Is it because her whereabouts is known but for some reason the authorities are keeping it quiet. The facebook help find her seems to put the information up but there is not much coming from that site either. Infact this paper seems to be the only time I see something about her still being missing!

  4. EWN report the news and try to help raise the awareness on all matters including Missing Agnese and we will continue to increase the awareness in hope that Agnese will be found at the earliest opportunity or the public contact the police or volunteers with further information.


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