Grandparents sentenced for abusing their granddaughter

Panoramio by Urvanity

THE court in Palma will determine sentencing today of the grandparents who are accused of abusing their granddaughter between the age of four and 12 years of age.

The prosecution told the court that the grandfather was the instigator of the abuse, using the grandmother for necessary cooperation.

According to the girl, who is now 17-years-old, the abuse started when she went to visit her grandparents at their home after her father died.


The girl declared, “At first he began to touch me and get close to me, but as the years went on, he started masturbating in front of me and obliging me to practice oral sex with him.”

The grandparents have denied the charges against them and told the court, “they loved their grandchild.”  Their defence team have asked that the case be dropped, claiming there is no evidence to support the girl’s declaration and her statement is inconsistent and contradictory.

The prosecutors have requested 10 years imprisonment for the grandfather, and four years for the grandmother, who they say, knew about the abuse but ignored it.


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