11 charged for threatening rape case judge


THE fallout from the rape case that shook Malaga during last month’s Feria has still not settled.

Since the case was shelved, the public prosecutors’ office has charged 11 people with using social media sites including Facebook and Twitter to threaten the judge who took the decision.

According to the Diario Sur, the public prosecutors’ office has evidence in the form of 20 messages published on various social media profiles that insult and threaten – including death threats – both the judge involved in the case and her family.


In the event of conviction, the accused could be faced with a prison sentence of between six months and two years for the charge of making threats, or between six and 14 months for slander.

Threats against the judge started after the three overage men involved were released. Neither the prosecution nor the defence had asked for the men to be remanded in custody at that time.

The threats began to increase in severity once the case was provisionally shelved a few days later.

The judge is thought to have taken the decision to drop the case after hearing statements from six witnesses who were of the opinion that the sexual relations appeared consensual.


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