Has the Pricey been watching too many cartoons?

Cordon Press

IT’S taken over six weeks since Katie Price gave birth to her latest arrival, for the world to hear what Katie has decided to call her 5th child. 

But news has it today, that the glamour model has decided to call her Bunny. 

The name obviously “hopped” into her head after her husband Kieran, refused to call their daughter “Duchess Kate.”


Katie told Now! magazine, “I wanted to call her Duchess Kate or just Duchess, but Kieran didn’t like that, so we’ve chosen Bunny, which we both like.

“I love Duchess Kate, though, so I’ve told Kieran that if we have another daughter that will be her name! I think it goes well with Princess. She would have been Duchess Kate of Brighton!” the star went on to say.

Other names that were dismissed off the names list were Lady, Disney, Precious, Bambi, Ethel and their second favourite … Peggy!


  1. Don’t you just hate these stupid people who give their children outrageous names. What they don’t realize is the child will have to carry that name into adulthood, and in some cases be a victim of ridicule


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