Eight people fined for playing board game


EIGHT people between the ages of 20 and 30 were fined for playing the board game ‘Parcheesi’ after midnight in the town square in Malaga.

The eight ‘offenders’ were each fined €101, when the police found them playing the board game and drinking non-alcoholic drinks in an area where it is apparently prohibited from consuming beverages.

The group of friends, who normally meet at 11.00pm every night, met last Wednesday to play the board game in the square. They were stopped three hours later by the Local Police who said they had received complaints about the noise. They were also denounced for drinking non-alcoholic drinks in an area where beverage consumption was not allowed. The group of friends who all live near to the square, have known each other since they were kids, and have habitually met for over 15 years at the same corner of the square. 


Conchi Toro, 29, explained that they were not expecting to be fined and that the police told them, “it is not possible to consume drinks in the area and they had received complaints from neighbours about the noise from the dice hitting the board.” She recounted that she was carrying two bottles of water and one can of coke, all empty. She went on to say, “the police started filling out the papers for us to sign and we were all speechless, we weren’t even yelling, we were just talking.”

The group, three of which are currently unemployed will appeal the fines.


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