If you regret that tattoo, remove it


A SURVEY in Spain has shown that 60 per cent of people who have a tattoo regret it five years down the line, but are unsure about tattoo removal.

If you are thinking about getting one removed, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How are they removed?


In most cases tattoos can be removed by a type of laser generating pulses of energy with a specific wavelength, which only acts on the ink pigment particles.

It removes 85-90 per cent of colours. Pink, yellow and white are the most resistant colours.

Are the results visible?

The results are visible after the first session but look better after 20-25 days, which is the time required for the body to remove ink particles through the lymphatic system. It can take between four to eight sessions to fully remove a tattoo.

Is it painful?

There is less pain in removing the tattoo than having the tattoo in the first place. However, you can apply anaesthetic cream 90 minutes beforehand.

Does it scar?

The area should not scar but it’s important to protect the area from the sun and use a moisturising cream and follow any advice from the specialist remover.

Can I have another tattoo on the area?

Experts say there is no problem in having another tattoo on the area where one has been removed as long as the specialist’s tips are followed.


If you have a tattoo with a special meaning, you might be interested in an article that we originally published on August 22nd 2014. You can read it here.


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