Salt intake not connected with high blood pressure


A RECENT study of over 8,000 French adults has found no connection between high blood pressure and the consumption of salt.

Researchers have found that the sodium in salt does not raise blood pressure as previously thought and the link between them both ‘is more complex than once believed.’

Thirty per cent of the British population suffer from suffer hypertension, but the research has found that the biggest impact on systolic blood pressure levels is Body Mass Index (BMI).


High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension is the world’s most prevalent chronic disease, with 67 million adults being affected in the U.S.

Evaluating the impact that lifestyle and nutrition has on blood pressure levels, the researchers discovered that alcohol and BMI were much worse for endangering our blood pressure levels than salt.

The study concluded its report by confirming that eating more fruit and vegetables and decreasing your BMI will counteract the hypertension epidemic.


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